A list of articles and interviews about my work

Architect Joni Baboci talks about his vision on the circular economy
Triennale Milano, 23 Jul 2021

The urban circular economy
Michele Gazzetti, 23 Jul 2021

From the Moon: Episode 4
David Plaisant, 8 Jul 2021

Transforming Tirana: Joni Baboci talks public space & proximity to nature
Vanessa Norwood - Building Centre, 05 Jan 2021

Planning the child-friendly City
Lucas Snaije - BYCS, 12 Nov 2020

Tirana - Sustainable Cities Podcast
Jarrett Fisher - SDGs and Cities, 10 Sep 2020

Bizarre Communist Folly to Be Reborn as Albanian Education Center
Richard Vines - Bloomberg, 17 Jan 2020

Reconstructing a City in the Interests of its Children: Tirana, Albania, 2015 – 2019
Gabriel Curis - Princeton: Innovations for Successful Societies, July 2019

L’iconique pyramide de Tirana ressuscitée par le numérique
Sally Mairs & Briseida Mema - L’informaticien, 01 May 2019

Tirana’s ‘pyramid’ puts checkered past behind it for new tech future
Sally Mairs & Briseida Mema - Yahoo via AFP, 01 May 2019

Pour la premiere fois, l’infrastructure precede le developpement et non l’inverse
Zehra Sikias - Le Moniteur Export, 15 Apr 2019

Rebuilding a City from the Eye of a Child
Feargus O’Sullivan - Citylab, 17 Dec 2018

‘Build it and they will come’: Tirana’s plan for a ‘kaleidoscope metropolis’
Stephen Burgen - The Guardian, 29 Oct 2018

Tirana Green City
Michele Calzavara - Abitare, 18 Dec 2016

Atelier Albania – or how to redesign a country
David Michon - ICON Magazine, 18 Nov 2015